Work Experience AGBU interns get hands-on work experience which ensures that they stand out in the job market.
Networking The AGBU Internship Program provides a strong basis for young careers with access to a global network of friends and mentors.
Friendship Surrounded by like-minded Armenian college students from around the world, fellow interns become lifelong friends.
Life & Culture Whether in New York or Yerevan, AGBU interns explore the beauty and experience the energy of their dynamic cities.
Development Our internship programs will teach you about the world and help you discover what it means to be a modern Armenian today.
Virtual Mentoring Program 2020

June 15 - August 3

Due to the unexpected global pandemic and GLP 2020 cancellation, YP Global Network initiated an alternative virtual mentorship program for AGBU Global Leadership Program accepted participants.

For a total of 8 weeks paired mentors and mentees will have online one-on-one meetings and professional development workshops on topics ranging from resume building to the importance of networking.

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