NYSIP Starts 2013 Session: Day 1- Arrival and Orientation

With the beginning of another hot New York summer comes the beginning of a new and exciting NYSIP summer. On Sunday, June 16, 2013, 37 bright Armenian youth, hailing from Armenia, Canada, France, Lebanon, Russia, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the

United States, arrived in New York City to begin their AGBU New York Summer Internship Program experience.

After moving into their dorm rooms at New York University, the interns participated in an orientation session at the AGBU Central Office. The AGBU staff briefed the students on the history of AGBU and its multitude of achievements over the past 107 years.

This morning, the interns began their eight-week internships, and look forward to acclimating to their new work environment, making new friends and learning more about themselves and their heritage..