NYSIP 2015 Is Off to a Busy Start! Week 1 in Review…

Move – In Day, Sunday June 14th, 2015

On Sunday June 14th, 2015, AGBU NYSIP kicked off its 28th season.  Our twenty-four interns arrived in New York City to our NYU dorms located near the prime Union Square location of 13th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.  This year’s interns hail internationally from Lebanon, Switzerland, Syria, Turkey, and the United Kingdom and domestically from California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Wisconsin.  This year’s NYSIP rooms are like the United Nations—roommates are from all across the globe.  The interns will be able to learn not only about New York City, but they’ll learn more about about each of their home country’s cultures from one another throughout the summer.

Orientation, Monday June 15th, 2015

After Sunday’s Move-In Day, the interns and NYSIP team gathered at the AGBU Headquarters on Monday, June 15th, for the program’s orientation.  Led by Christina Lalama (NYSIP Program Associate), Carin Kellzi (NYSIP Activities Coordinator), and Kiersten Johnston (NYSIP Activities Coordinator), the presentation highlighted the theme of this summer: “Make This Summer Count!”  Over these eight weeks, our interns are expected to grow professionally and personally, and unlock their potential.

NYSIP interns were given an overview of the program’s 8 weeks which include Professional Development events and daily activities that will help them each experience the city to the fullest.

Tasked with thinking about and writing down the professional and personal goals that they plan to achieve this summer, each intern will take an active role in behaving professionally, being a stellar mentee, managing their time well, and staying active and involved throughout the summer.  NYSIP interns will challenge themselves and stretch outside their comfort zones to Make This Summer Count.

First Day of NYSIP Internships & “Building Your Professional Brand” Workshop, Tuesday June 16th, 2015

The majority of this summer’s internships started on Tuesday June 16th.  Interns traveled uptown to Columbia University Medical Center to conduct research, downtown to hedge fund offices in the Financial District,  across the rivers to shadow a physician atStaten Island Hospital, and over to Brooklyn Heights at a leading real estate development company.

Later in the day NYSIP’s Professional Development event series started with a workshop about “Building Your Professional Brand” with NYSIP 2000 alumnus Serge Kassardjian.  Serge advised the interns to begin building their own “Personal Board of Directors,” a network of advisers from all walks of life who they can turn to throughout each phase of their  careers.  A solid, objective, and varied sounding board of professionals will be integral to making decisions throughout the interns’ careers.

Serge ended the workshop with a challenge to all interns: Be A Unicorn.  Today, being unique is even more important than your credentials to making yourself stand out among the competition in the job market.  Owning your strengths is the first step to becoming a unicorn.  We hope all interns will grow to Be Unicorns!

NYSIP 2015 Welcome Dinner, Wednesday June 17th, 2015

On Wednesday, the NYSIP 2015 interns all gathered for a Welcome Dinner at one of New York City’s best burger joints 5 Napkin Burger in Union Square.  The interns bonded over their likes and dislikes of food,and discussed what they hope to get out of their internships this summer.  The dinner provided the perfect atmosphere for friendships to grow and the 2015 cohort to bond as a group.  In addition to the great conversation, rest assured not a fried calamari went untouched.

AGBU YPGNY Mentoring Program Meet-n-Greet, Thursday June 18th, 2015

Each year the AGBU Young Professionals of Greater New York Chapter collaborates with the New York Summer Internship Program to create a Mentoring Program, where each intern is matched with a mentor – an established professional who works in the interns’ industry of interest.  On Thursday June 18th, 2015, the mentors and interns met at a very successful Meet-n-Greet event planned by the YPGNY chapter.

At Amity Hall in the West Village neighborhood of New York City, each match had the opportunity to talk and get to know each other in an exclusive area meant only for NYSIP interns and YPGNY mentors.  The conversations were lively as interns and mentors learned about each other, their interests, and even met other members of the intern and mentor groups.  Many of this year’s mentors are alumni of the AGBU Summer internship Programs and were able to share their own NYSIP experiences with the current interns.  The interns were inspired and encouraged to pursue their goals and make every moment count in their internships this summer.  Thursday was the beginning of a summer-long professional relationship that will benefit both the interns and the mentors.

Dinner at Chelsea Market & Walk Across the High Line, Friday June 19th, 2015

Friday offered a relaxing end to the first week of internships with an outing to the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.  Interns bought dinner at one of the many food stands at the iconic Chelsea Market – from tacos to sushi, seafood to Thai food, and everything in between, the interns ate around the beautiful light installation surrounding the classic Chelsea Market clock.  With the food, came the questions about Chelsea’s history.  They learned about Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle which brought attention to the poor working conditions in the meat-packing industry that took place in Chelsea.  Such insight satisfied their intellectual hunger.

After dinner, the interns walk along the revived elevated rail line that spans across 10th Avenue, the High Line.  The interns watched the sunset on their very first week in New York City, and welcomed  their first NYSIP weekend.

Brooklyn Smorgasburg, Saturday June 20th, 2015

Despite our first Saturday being a rainy one, the interns ventured across the East River to the Williamsburg food festival, Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, New York.  We perused the many food stands and sampled some of the best food that New York City has to offer.  A NYSIP favorite was the Ramen Burgers  – a fushion of the American classic hamburger and the Asian classic ramen noodles.  The interns enjoyed their lunch and a foggy view of the New York Skyline from the small beach in East River State Park.

(For more information about this exciting new burger, check out this article on the Huffington Post.  It’s not to be missed!     http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/06/ramen-burger_n_3713382.html)

To burn off the calories and take cover from the rain, the interns shopped around at Williamsburg’s Artists & Flea indoor flea market.  With unique custom jewelry, fun vintage records, and one-of-a-kind thrifty clothing, we got a taste of what Brooklyn’s best local stores and artists have to offer.

Our next trip to Brooklyn will include a walk across the historic Brooklyn Bridge.  Stay tuned!

Picnic in Central Park, Sunday June 21st, 2015

The Sunday forecast luckily provided the interns with much a needed sunny and warm day.  We enjoyed a picnic under a shady tree in Central Park’s southwest corner near Columbus Circle.  Interns brought their own lunch and got to know each other better.   Some of the interns reveled in the park’s playground swings while others decided to explore other areas of the vast, historic park.

Stay tuned for NYSIP’s attempt to beat the Monday Blues with an evening trip to Big Gay Ice Cream tonight…