AGBU NYSIP Accepting Applications for Start-Up Incubator Program!

Calling all entrepreneurs!


We believe all aspiring Armenian entrepreneurs have what it takes to start and lead successful businesses in the global economy.  Through the new AGBU NYSIP Start-Up Incubator Program, we give one (1) promising student the chance establish or join a start-up company in a structured internship setting.

The Incubator Intern will have one Main Advisor and Board of Directors who will help guide the growth of the start-up over the 8-week internship.


AGBU Summer Internship Program Criteria

Key Stages

1: Submit application
2: Selection
3. Submit finalized start-up OR secure start-up internship
4: Begin incubator internship!
5: Deliver mid-summer presentation
6: Deliver final pitch presentation

How to apply…

  1. Apply to AGBU New York Summer Internship Program
  2. Choose “NYSIP Start-Up Incubator Program” as your 1st Industry Choice in Step 4 of the NYSIP application
  3. Submit Supplemental Incubator Materials:* 
    • NYSIP Incubator Intent to Participate (max. 10 pages)
      • business overview & analysis of your own start-up or company with which you have arranged to work
    • If applicable, proof of funding, incorporation, awards received, etc.

Questions to answer in your Intent to Participate…

  • What will your venture do or make?
  • What pain points will your venture address?
  • What is your value proposition?
  • Describe your target segment and the size of your addressable market.
  • Who are your major competitors?
  • What is your venture’s competitive advantage?
  • Please describe your business model.
  • Please describe current status of business and any milestones achieved (e.g., prototype completed, customers, revenue).
  • Please briefly tell us about each team member, their role, and each team member’s relevant experience.

*Email Supplemental Materials to; subject of email: “LAST NAME, First Name Incubator 2016 Materials”


The AGBU NYSIP selection committee will review all incubator applications, and select one (1) application based on the following criteria:

  • Market Opportunity
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Investment Potential
  • Financial Understanding

Main Advisor Responsibilities

  • schedule weekly check-ins
  • set up benchmarks and deliverables
  • make introductions to industry players
  • set up networking opportunities
  • evaluate mid-summer pitch
  • evaluate final pitch

Estimated Time Commitment for Main Advisor

  • 30 mins/week over 8 weeks for weekly check-in
    • time for setting up intro’s
  • 1 Trip to mid-summer pitch (1-2 hours) – in person
  • 1 Trip to final pitch (1-2 hours) – in person

Total Summer Time Commitment: 12 hours

Board of Directors Responsibilities

  • make introductions to industry players
  • set up networking events
  • evaluate mid-summer pitch
  • evaluate final pitch

Estimated Commitment for a Board Member

  • Two 30-minute meetings setting up introductions
  • Attend mid-summer pitch (1-2 hours) – phone or in person
  • Attend final pitch (1-2 hours) – phone or in person

Total Summer Time Tommitment: 5 hours

Mid-summer Pitch & Final Pitch

The Incubator Intern will present to their Main Advisor, Board of Directors and NYSIP staff twice throughout the summer, in a Mid-summer Pitch and a Final Pitch.  Each presentation should touch on the following aspects of the start-up company:

  • Mission/Vision
  • Management Team
  • Business Product or Service
  • Market
  • Competition
  • Key Milestones
  • Risk
  • Opportunity
  • Capital Requirements
  • Exit Potential
  • Financial Snapshot

For any questions, contact Christina Lalama at

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