1. When will applicants be notified of their admission to the program?

Applicants are notified in mid-January. If an applicant is interested in more than one city, we highly recommend this is noted on the application form in the allotted section. Due to the limited number of spots available in the Program, some applicants will be placed on a wait list.

2. Can I apply to more than one location?

Of course! We encourage applicants to explore all locations. In fact, you can take this fun quiz to see which locations may be right for you. The application allows for up to two location selections in preferential order. You will be evaluated for locations based on order of submission.

3. What amenities and expenses are covered by the participation and housing fees?

Expenses covered by the participation fee include lectures, sponsored dinners, networking events, social and cultural activities.
The housing fee covers lodging expenses (including utilities) and building security. Participants are responsible for meals and transportation for the duration of the program. We recommend that participants budget from 180 USD to 250 USD per week (depending on the city) for meals, transportation and pocket money.

4. What immunizations are required for travel to any program city?

There are no mandatory immunizations required to travel to any program city, but it is advised that all participants visit a physician prior to departure. Make note that any regularly administered prescription medications should be filled with sufficient supply for the duration of the program. Some types or brands of medication may be limited or unavailable, please check before or contact us for further information..

5. Are participating participants required to have medical insurance?

All participants must have medical insurance during their stay. We recommend purchasing a travel medical plan to cover medical costs as a precautionary measure. Medical insurance can be purchased the time participants book their flight.

6. What sort of identification is required for the trip?

All participants must bring a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after their departure date. It is also advised that participants carry a photo ID card with their date of birth.

7. What sort of supervision and guidance is provided?

During the duration of the program, the program managers and activities coordinators will live with the group at the respective residence. They will be available to answer questions and assist participants throughout their stay. In addition, there is 24-hour security at the entrance of each residence.
Overnight guests are not permitted under any circumstances. There are no excpetions to this rule.

8. What types of activities are arranged during the program?

The program is designed to ensure a well-rounded experience filled with unique mentoring and networking events, professional lectures and presentations, community service and cultural activities scheduled in the evenings and weekends. These activities are mandatory for all participants. Of course, every city has something different to offer by way of activities. Exploring the host city is an adventure in and of itself, and events are always planned to take advantage of what the local culture has to offer. In addition to mandatory scheduled events, optional social activities are also offered.

9. When should I plan to arrive and depart?

Please check out our Important Dates page to find your city’s schedule.

10. What is the best method of transportation in each host city?

All host cities have great public transportation systems and are also great settings for long or short walks. During orientation, participants will learn how to navigate local public transportation and will be provided with recommendations on taxi use.

11. What housing accommodations are available?

AGBU arranges for comfortable and secure housing accommodations in all cities. Ranging from private shared housing to dormitories, all participants can be assured of basic amenities (electric, Wi-Fi etc) including shared kitchen facility and 24/7 security. To understand the specific accommodations of a local host city, please visit the Explore Locations page.

12. What supplies should participants bring for their stay?

A complete packing list will be provided to participants prior to their arrival. This will include our guidelines for professional attire as well as housing essentials.

13. Will participants have roommates?

Yes, participants are placed in rooms with one or two roommates of the same gender for the duration of the program.

14. Will there be internet access in the residence?

High speed internet is available in the rooms as well as common areas.

15. Is there a curfew during the program?

Yes, to ensure the safety of all participants, certain host cities maintain reasonable curfews.

16. Are overnight guests allowed?

No overnight guests are permitted. Any participant who does not adhere to this regulation will be dismissed from the program. No refunds will be issued for individuals failing to follow this guideline. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.

17. Will AGBU provide accommodations for participants arriving before or leaving after the assigned program dates?

Additional accommodations will not be provided for those arriving before or leaving after the assigned program dates. However, the program coordinators will be happy to help find accommodations for those who want to stay before or after the program dates at the participant’s own expense.

18. Can I stay with relatives during the program?

AGBU requires that all participants stay in the given residence facilities for the duration of the program. There will be no exceptions.