NYSIP 2015 HYE FIVE for Week 5 in Review

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 Stephanie Ayanian

On Tuesday, filmmaker, Stephanie Ayanian, director of the documentary film A New Armenia, met with our interns at AGBU headquarters.  Interns were excited to meet with an Armenian professional from the creative film industry and learn more about film production. Ayanian began her presentation by saying that most representations of Armenians focus on the genocide.  Her objective for the film she created was to teach a worldwide audience about another dimension of Armenian culture. The film follows five Armenian-American families, including Michael Aram’s family, who are reinterpreting what it means to be Armenian and thrive one hundred years later.  Interns really liked her approach of emphasizing the future of Armenia and the Armenian people, rather than focusing only on our past struggles.

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 Roundtable with Diron Jebejian

On Wednesday, Diron Jebejian, managing director of Credit Suisse Securities LLC, met with our seven finance interns at AGBU headquarters for a roundtable discussion.  He gave advice about career development and succeeding in the field of finance.  In particular, he told the interns that a career, not a job, is a vehicle for leading a fulfilling life.  He also touched on the importance of skill development for the first two to three years of any career.

Mr. Jebejian used his own career path as an example for the interns.  When he took his first job at Bank of America, he did not necessarily know what kind of position he wanted within investment banking.  “Along our pursuit of a career, the decisions we make can (and will) change, when you make a decision, you commit to yourself to follow through,” said Mr. Jebejian.  Interns were very interested in Mr. Jebejian’s untraditional path into finance and couldn’t stop questioning him. The discussions were very engaging and overflowed to an improptu dinner near AGBU after the formal roundtable.

Friday, July 17th, 2015 YPGNY NYSIP Mixer

On Friday, our interns attended the YPGNY Mixer at a cool, New York City lounge, The Ainsworth.  The mixer was designed as a fundraiser for NYSIP.  With over 150 NYSIP alumni, YPs, and Armenians from the greater New York area, the support for NYSIP was overwhelming. The event provided a fun opportunity for networking with the Armenian community while enjoying an exciting night in the city. Interns said that it was one of their favorite nights this summer and look forward to future YPGNY events. It is so great to see interns already giving back to AGBU.

For those interested in donating to NYSIP, please contact Christina Lalama at nysip@agbu.org.

Saturday, July 18th, 2015 Uptown Funk

On Saturday afternoon, our interns were eager to visit Tom’s Restaurant. We travelled uptown to sit in the very diner famed by the hit TV series Seinfeld. The interns enjoyed milkshakes with fries while talking about some of their favorite episodes.  We also took this opportunity to tour Columbia University’s Morningside campus, which was right next to the diner.


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