Work Experience AGBU interns get hands-on work experience which ensures that they stand out in the job market.
Networking The AGBU Internship Program provides a strong basis for young careers with access to a global network of friends and mentors.
Friendship Surrounded by like-minded Armenian college students from around the world, fellow interns become lifelong friends.
Life & Culture Whether in New York or Yerevan, AGBU interns explore the beauty and experience the energy of their dynamic cities.


While much of the world has changed since our initial summer in 1987, the philosophy that has governed our AGBU Global Leadership Program* has remained the same: empowering new generations of Armenian leaders means fostering their professional growth while nurturing their connection to their heritage and dedication to their communities.

More than thirty years later, this philosophy, instilled by our visionary founders Vartkess and Rita Balian, has stood the test of time. With dedicated program teams in each of our global cities, steadfast community members and more than a thousand alumni throughout the world, we continue this legacy, investing in the personal and professional growth of our Global Leaders.

The AGBU Global Leadership Program is tailored to unite Armenian youth from all parts of the world to gain hands-on experience and industry exposure in their field of study. With personalized placements in stimulating work environments, each participant is intentionally connected with like-minded professionals, getting an early start in building their career network as they acquire new skills. The complementary activities geared at leadership training and professional development not only equip participants with tools for their individual progress, they foster a network of support from a cohort of community leaders and aspiring professionals.

As part of the world’s largest Armenian non-profit organization, and one of the oldest, participants also benefit from a robust, trusted network of international mentors, supervisors and community leaders. AGBU Global Leadership Program gives participants the opportunity to explore the unknown, living abroad in some of the world’s most dynamic international capitals while grounding them in a tight-knit community of peers.

*Formerly known as AGBU NYSIP.