Work Experience AGBU interns get hands-on work experience which ensures that they stand out in the job market.
Networking The AGBU Internship Program provides a strong basis for young careers with access to a global network of friends and mentors.
Friendship Surrounded by like-minded Armenian college students from around the world, fellow interns become lifelong friends.


The journey to finding an exciting program experience begins with diligence and an open mind.

Whether you find your placements on your own, through your university, or with our assistance, our program coordinators are here to provide guidance throughout the process. Communication is key and together we will work to find appropriate fits.

Once accepted into the program, our program coordinators will conduct formal placement interviews via phone or Zoom with you to learn of your field of interest, career goals, and skill level. Together, you will also work on resume presentation and interview preparation. The industry of interest and program city are large variables that play into the speed of placement as well as the type of work environment.

As we all work to navigate the challenges created by COVID-19, AGBU remains committed to supporting students’ professional development through high-quality in-person or virtual placements.