Work Experience AGBU interns get hands-on work experience which ensures that they stand out in the job market.
Networking The AGBU Internship Program provides a strong basis for young careers with access to a global network of friends and mentors.
Friendship Surrounded by like-minded Armenian college students from around the world, fellow interns become lifelong friends.

Program Overview

While each host city has its individual appeal, participants in all cities will experience similar activities that adhere to the same core philosophy of the program. In the months prior to arrival, accepted applicants will have multiple sessions with program coordinators to ensure appropriate placements mentorship experiences and community service projects. Participants wishing to secure their own placements may do so but must maintain communication with program coordinators throughout the process.

Beginning with a comprehensive orientation upon arrival, the group is unified as they help each other navigate a new city and live in shared housing. A diverse range of mandatory and elective activities are planned throughout the six weeks. Each element is strategically devised to enhance the experience.

Activities are designed to provide leadership training, heritage awareness, career development, and cultural exploration. A strong emphasis is also placed on community building and local service projects. This holistic approach develops the empowered active citizens of tomorrow.